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Addressing Today’s Top Learning Challenges

Designing for today’s modern learner can be a challenge. There are a lot of different factors for instructional designers to keep in mind. In preparation for presentations at the 2024 Blanchard Leadership Summit, leaders and solutions architects from Blanchard’s Design Studio and Innovation Lab have identified some of the top challenges they face—and how to solve them.

In a webinar coming up on July 24, each of these thought leaders will share one key insight and an actionable strategy for addressing it. Here are some of the issues they will explore.

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July Podcast


Reaching Your Potential with Pam

Author Pam August explains how to cut through the noise and stress of your busy life to realize your true potential, as outlined in her book, Potential: How to Connect What’s Already There for Exponential Impact.

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Tesla Airport

Client Spotlight

Building Leadership at Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport

“The airport works at a dynamic pace 24/7, and several services must be coordinated to ensure that processes run smoothly for our passengers,” says Blaženka Žakula, talent and development manager. “It can be an unpredictable environment and our people must be able to meet challenges.”

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July Webinar

Webinar – July 24

Transforming Leadership Development: From Design Thinking to Digital Integration

Join Blanchard solution architects as they share sneak peeks into their 2024 Blanchard Leadership Summit presentations. Learn practical strategies and actionable insights to enhance your organization's learning initiatives.

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Not Sure How to Push Back Against Work that Isn’t Yours? Ask Madeleine

Master certified coach Madeleine Homan Blanchard helps a reader directly, clearly, and kindly, but firmly push back when co-workers try to pass along their assignments, and a boss just keeps asking for more.

July Community

Blanchard Community

Celebrating Disability Pride Month

Join Blanchard Community in celebrating the achievements and rights of people with disabilities and promoting awareness, acceptance, and inclusion in society.